My experience with The Ladiez Lounge has been nothing short of amazing! When I first was introduced to the idea of the website by Ms. Jones, I was extremely surprised and intimidated at the extent of the detail of her research. She showed me a folder filled with papers full of notes, sections for each of her ideas that would go into her website, and MORE notes! I never really knew the concept of having your own website involved so much attention to detail.

I was also very intrigued at the direction in which Ms. Jones visualized her website moving in. Her ideas and enthusiasm alone inspired me to want to join this venture to assist with making this website possible. Every step along the way has been a fun and a new experience. From researching to assisting with the implementation of Ms. Jones’ ideas, the behind the scenes of theladiezlounge.com has been a stepping stone for myself. Every new idea or event that I have been asked to assist with forces me to step out of my comfort zone, explore, and accept these new challenges.

Overall, theladiezlounge.com has been an exciting venture for me and I definitely look forward to contributing towards the success of the website.  I thank Ms. Jones for extending the invitation to become a part of a great work in progress and continue to be inspired by the work ethic presented by her. I ask everyone to not sleep on what can become of this website because in due time it’s true capabilities will be brought to light!!!

-Raquel L.

Former Educational Consultant for The Ladiez Lounge


I would love to share my experience working with the Ladiez Lounge, the experience has been nothing but great! The Ladiez Lounge is truly positive, granting women of all walks of life; support, networking opportunities, and moments of inspiration with greatness.

I was able to obtain such a great experience and share my gift of song and positive inspiration with women of great character who are strong and fearless. Thank you Shardai for actively moving in the community granting women a place to be free, be who they wanna be, its the Ladiez Lounge, Ahhh…Rock On!

Thank You Ladiez Lounge 🙂

-D. Sing



The Ladiez Lounge is a great place where women from different backgrounds and occupations come to share and connect. They provide tips ranging from fashion to business and there is something there for everyone.  My experience at events has been very positive, and I leave each one feeling a little more empowered from the information shared as well as the women who attend. 

Instagram: CocoMarkee


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