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Speaker, Author and Coach Terilee Harrison is the Author of The Shameless Life: Recognize Your Shame and Overcome It and The Business Mom Guide Book.  Terilee has reached thousands of business owners through her work with TEAM Referral Network in Southern California.  Terilee resides in California, where her husband Terry is the Minister of Quartz Hill Church of Christ. Together, they have 4 children. Her greatest hope is to bring women from the lies they believe to the truth that they are good enough. You can find her online at The Shameless Life and at

We are proud to have Terilee as our guest speaker for our 2nd Annual Balloon Release.  We are looking forward to a dose of inspiration and wisdom filled words about overcoming shame and regret.  Our brief conversation about her journey in life and overcoming Shame is enlightening and more importantly an inspiration to women all over the world.    We hope you come eager for inspiration and leave with a new outlook on becoming a better YOU, overcoming shame and living life according to your purpose.  Please visit The Shameless Life to show your support.

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Terilee we welcome you and thank you for taking the time to support The Ladiez Lounge! We greatly appreciate your support.  Looking forward to reading The Shameless Life.



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