Get Fit with Us!

The Ladiez Lounge will be re-launching soon and we are very excited about our new health and wellness segments.  We will be collaborating with nutritionist, health enthusiasts, personal trainers and much more for inspiration, health tips and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We are currently seeking personal trainers to collaborate with for our monthly 20 minute workout routine for our peers looking to get started on a great exercise routine.  Our goal is to make these routines accessible for women who are not able to go to the gym on a regular basis or leave the house as often as they’d like to workout.

Ladiez, we are looking forward to you getting fit with us!  We want to see your progress, so once we go live please send in your photos and videos so we can feature your journey!!!!

 If you are a personal trainer and would like to be featured in our exercise segments please feel free to email Shardai at:



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