Every Ending Has a New Beginning!


For many years I was paralyzed with fear and it kept me in submission when trying to step outside of the status quo. Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of insecurities, let downs, financial issues, worries, setbacks, and frustrations. And like most people, I was waking up everyday on auto-pilot, trapped on the hamster wheel of sameness.

I had to look deep within and ask myself, why I was willing to give my all to organizations I worked for, but never to myself. I would get hired at companies and work my heart out, just to get home and tip-toe around my goals. I wanted change, sure, but didn’t know where to begin!

I had the idea of creating inspiration bags/jars for the past 5 years, and my excuse was always, I’ll do it later. Later became the crutch that allowed me to have dreams in hindsight. It made me feel like I was ambitious by declaring the idea, but proved I was simply operating within my comfort zone because I refused to take action.

I was laid off from my job April 19th of this year. Towards my last few weeks there, I was beginning to branch out and begin working on my businesses again. My former boss was the greatest boss ever and I had great flexibility. But I knew deep down that I would be moving on. I was afraid to just quit because I have a family to care for, but I knew I was no longer okay with playing small.

With the scare tactics of society and extra pressures from my peers to get a County, State, or City job that provides great benefits, 401k, and tons of other perks, I knew it was not something I was striving for.

Inspiration, writing, write

I made a promise to myself, that I will no longer settle. I will be working my own businesses full-time from this day forward. Becoming a full-time entrepreneur was not something I decided overnight. I saw myself at the age of 14 years old running my own business some day.

Working a 9-5 and thriving has never been an issue, but I always felt out of place, like I was selling myself short every time I accepted a new position within that system.

I was in a crunch last week and had 30 minutes to get my bags packed and leave for the weekend. I was encouraged to pre-sale my inspiration bags to a few friends before leaving, so I reached out to them via Facebook messenger and told them what my inspiration bags were. To my surprise, they all instantly ordered and congratulated me. One of my mentors called me on the phone and asked about my day. I mentioned my bags somewhere in the conversation. After describing what they were and the impact they will make, he immediately ordered five bags and sent the funds to my account within seconds. I made $275.00 within that short amount of time, just by letting go of the hesitation I had and assuming everyone would say no.

It was a reminder that we often do not do what we are called to do because we are afraid. Afraid of what people may think, afraid of rejection, afraid of putting ourselves out there, and afraid of the unknown.

I had a bad habit of assuming in the past and stepping out of my comfort zone and actually sharing my inspiration bags sparked interest with tons of my other peers, who have also immediately placed orders.

I am no longer operating in fear and have committed to giving 100%. I will be launching my new writing agency, inspiration bags, greeting card line, new book, and helping homeless and underprivileged women get off of the street.


My goal is to have true freedom in my life, where I can attend my children’s school events, volunteer in their classes, get a deeper connection with God, take an exercise class mid-day, take a long walk at the park, go swimming during the day, travel without having to ask someone if I can take off, set my own schedule, have some tea with a friend on a random Tuesday, go pick some fresh strawberries from an organic garden, pick fresh flowers, meet new people, work from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection, and happily walk in my purpose.

Even after knowing that I wanted to work on my business full-time, I was still open to working a regular job. I was still trying to figure out the how I was going to make all of this work. I called my fiance and told him about an awesome job opportunity of a guaranteed job with great pay. He asked, “why are you still looking for work, you’re supposed to be working on your own business.” That alone, kicked me back into gear. The week after I was laid off, he received a job offer that is more than we both made combined before. This has given us much more flexibility and me room to build my business. The timing is unreal how everything has fallen into place!!!


I would like to encourage you today. To stop settling for less than you deserve because it’s easy or convenient. Most of your struggles come from you. You speak negative things over yourself and your life and wonder why you get the same results over, and over again.

What you confess over your life, becomes your reality. You get to get out of your own way and trust God to order your steps. I prayed when I was still employed, because I knew there was this big shift happening. I asked God to order my steps and lead me in the right direction. When I was laid off, I was not surprised and was at peace, because I knew what was happening.

Many people, looked me in the eyes with sorrow and apologized. I had to explain to them that this was not by accident or coincidence. That everything that was happening was a part of a bigger plan.

After prayer and direction, you get to decide what will happen next in your life. You get to use your words to speak life into your situation, and use your words to uplift, and empower yourself and those around you. Live your life with urgency and be present. Once you acquire a taste for change and growth to improve your quality of life and be of service to God and others, you will never go back to auto-pilot as an alternative to living your life.

Be blessed and choose life!



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